Comic Ideas

Ideas from current headlines.

  • Please no more headlines about gay marriage!  Thanks!

Parody Songs:

  • I recently heard from JD in Alaska who suggested a trilogy of Willie Nelson songs for outdoorsmen:  For all the Guns I’ve Loved Before; Fishing’s Always on My Mind, and of course, On the STAND again, I just can’t wait to get on my STAND again!

Names of movies with one word replaced with the word “bacon.”  Thanks Seth Mela!

  • Fistful of BACON
  • Gone With the BACON (frankly I don’t give a ham!)
  • Baconjuice
  • Dirty Bacon
  • B.T. (Bacon Terrestrial)
  • Gentlemen Prefer Bacon
  • Mr. Smith(field) Goes To Bacon
  • Abraham Lincoln: Bacon Slayer
  • Babe!


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