A little background information

I learned at an early age that some things just don’t go well together…broccoli & breakfast Tang, Sunday clothes & sandlot kickball, and laughter & anger.  In fact, I discovered, it is humanly impossible to giggle and pout at the same time.  So as a child I schemed that if I could keep my parents focused on the chortles and chuckles, they may be distracted from the belts and buckles!  Thus launching my life journey of applied humor!

Touching down somewhere on the continuum between wit and wisdom, I design my presentations to be both educational and entertaining.  I call it “edutainment,” a guaranteed “Laugh and Learn” experience.”   I have heard it said, “he who laughs, lasts.”  My Dad used to say to me, “…if you take yourself too serious no one else will!”   I think humor is imperative in maintaining quality health.  Trying to influence or lead others without a good sense of humor is like being the guy who cuts grass at the cemetery:  You may have a lot of people underneath you, but no one’s paying much attention!

As an undergraduate in college I majored in philosophy and religion.  In graduate school I studied counseling.  Hey! it was less expensive than private therapy and I got to hang the degree on the wall!  Now as a professional humorist, my experiences of life are constantly being drawn into stories and songs that hopefully delivers a product that is high in content and big on laughs!

I currently serve as the founder and president of Just-In-Time Communication and as the co-founder and board member of the Christian Comedy Association (CCA). The CCA is the nation’s largest coalition of clean comedians.  In 1987 my wife, Dretha and I married.  Today we have three children, Nathaniel, Anna Marie, and Zachary.  We are active members of our local church and try to involve ourselves in our community.  I believe that a bad day at golf is still better than a good day at work. I also enjoy hunting and fishing and simply being outdoors.  I’m equally as comfortable today in the country or the country club.  A favorite personal pastime is funneling a handful of Tom’s salted peanuts down into an ice cold “belly washer” R.C. Cola.  Ah, Heaven on earth!

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