Justin’s Biography

Everyone Loves a Good Laugh!

That’s what you’re guaranteed to experience when you hear JUSTIN N. FENNELL. (That’s “fin” + “nail”) Don’t say his name too quick or it sounds like just an infidel! It’s yarn-spinning stories, props, audience participation, funny music and stand-up comedy. The best part of it is that all of his material is clean and appropriate. Fennell says, “you know, it doesn’t have to be filthy to be funny.” His performances are rated “E” for everyone!

Justin’s Professional Experience

Fennell’s professional experience includes working as the Director of Institutional Advancement of a private college in Florida and serving as an Associate Pastor.  He has toured professionally for over 25 years as a humorist speaking primarily to non-profit Christ-centered organizations.

More Than Just A “Talking Head”

From the moment Justin hits the stage you know you are in for more than just another “talking head” guest speaker.  Justin takes you on a hilarious journey through the ordinaries of life.  He specializes in clean, “slice-of-life” humor that sees “the funny” in everyday situations, especially those involving the family. “The family is still our most important institution,” says Fennell. “We can all identify with the family in some way or another.”

It’s not cookie-cutter comedy. If you just wanted your audience to laugh, you would show Seinfeld re-runs! Organizations are looking for a speaker who will connect with their audience. Fennell says, “I try not to get locked into certain routines and themes that may be irrelevant to the group I am called to address.”  Fennell tailors each performance uniquely to the audience leaving them entertained, informed and encouraged. “I call it “EDUTAINMENT…a guaranteed laugh ‘n learn experience.”

Transformation Through Giving

Fennell has quietly become one of the top fundraising consultants and speakers in America. With most of his career in development, he recognizes key components of a successful fund-raising event. Some of these keys include: friend-raising, pace, and the pull. (If you have to ask what “the pull” is, then you haven’t been involved in raising the kind of funds Justin is known for raising.) Fennell comments, “There are many people in this wonderful world with resources available to advance noble causes. My goal is to help the gatekeepers of these resources feel confident that the cause is just and the time is now. “In a way fund raising is a form of sales, but I believe a successful campaign is more than nickels and numbers. A well-developed appeal culminates in the marriage of the donor with the organization’s mission to be more than just a contributor but a partner engaged in the realization of a dream becoming reality.”

Fennell doesn’t just talk about giving…he’s a real giver as well. Justin is significantly involved in humanitarian relief in with an organization called Calcutta Mercy Ministries (CMM). He knows first-hand the plight of the homeless and impoverished. Fennell says, “I’ve fed starving children and cuddled infants in their struggle with AIDS. I know first hand the need for clothing, housing, food and education to many of our world’s poor. With Calcutta Mercy Ministries, I am actively involved in the transformational change of over 40,000 children each day!”

Justin’s Family Life

Fennell (circa ’62) resides in Lakeland, Florida. His wife’s name is Dretha and they have two sons, Nathaniel and Zachary, and a daughter, Anna Marie. They are active in their local church and community. Justin enjoys golfing, fishing and anything outdoors.  He is at home in the country or the country club. His idea of a good time is sittin’ back in a rocking chair on the front porch of the house with a handful of Tom’s salted peanuts funneled into an ice cold “belly-washer” R.C. Cola! Ah, Heaven on earth!