Haters are Motivators

Who likes to be corrected?  Not me.  Even when I’m wrong. (Isn’t that the worst position to be in when you are in an argument though and you suddenly realize that you are wrong?  Oh! I don’t like that at all.)  Recently, I was in a situation where someone unloaded on me with an agenda of items that I was totally unaware.  I don’t know why this individual had not approached me earlier.  Nevertheless; I listened, and while I didn’t like my position, I wanted to commit to grow as a result.  I determined to immediately forgive and then to see how I could be an “ELEVATOR” in this person’s life, because I want to use my life to raise people up.  I want people to feel lifted as a result of being around me.

Here’s the bottom line.  Let your haters be your motivators!  Sometimes people say things that if they had more information they may speak differently.  However, I determined to find the truths of their comments and to use it to motivate me to make the appropriate adjustments in my direction.   They say a guided missile has to be redirected almost the entire time while in flight in order to hit the target.  The accuracy is not in the lift off, but during the journey.  I think that’s true in life too. We all take off from different positions in life, but where we intend to make an impact is often similar.  I have determined to let the corrections come and to learn to rejoice as it takes me ever so slightly closer to the intended targets in life. Honestly,  if people didn’t care, they wouldn’t say anything, you would simply be ignored.  So, I’m thankful for even harsh words because it may be the kind of correction that I need to “hit my targets.”  I’m determined to let my haters be my motivators to take me to higher levels in life.

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