Stirring It Up

Here’s a question.  Just because things appear to have clarity does it mean it’s pure? When I was in Seminary I remember my counseling professor saying that often in the therapy process, that things seem to get worse before getting better.  It’s like, he said, “…stirring a glass of water that has a lot of sediment down in the bottom.  It may appear crystal clear, but in order to remove the toxic deposits there needs to be some concentrated agitation.”  I was thinking about life and people that I’ve known for years.  As I observed them, I often thought how perfect they appeared to be, only to find out that junk from just doing life had quietly been accumulating.  People that I had come to revere revealed that all was not as I had innocently imagined.

Today I had to sweep the sides of my swimming pool.  The water appeared to be crystal clear.  I knew however, that in order to really insure that the pool was clean, it meant that I needed to scour the sides and floor to remove the particles that had accumulated over the winter.  So I brushed it down and the water became cloudy. When my wife came home from work she was concerned that the pool was no longer clean.  “Oh,” I said, “it’s just as clean or even more than it was before, it’s just that I had to do some maintenance.”  In order for my pool to get better it had to get worse.

Jesus talked about pruning the branches.  In order to grow there’s got to be a season of cutting to really produce good fruit.  In my own life I need to realize that I need to keep myself stirred to stay clean.  The stirring I’m referring comes from the indwelling power of His Holy Spirit that reveals and removes the toxic deposits that life inevitably collects.  I desire my life to be transparent, to not just look clean but to be clean.  Sweep over me Lord and cleanse me of my impurities that I might be a vessel of honor in your Kingdom.

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